How to Transfer Minecraft Xbox 360 Maps to Xbox One

A lot of awesome maps have been built on the Minecraft Xbox 360, and of course we want to play them on Minecraft Xbox One. The world sizes are bigger, we can play against more players and more importantly kill more players on hunger games maps. The following tutorial will show you how to transfer Minecraft Xbox 360 maps to Minecraft Xbox One. Please note you will need both and Xbox 360 and a Xbox One for this to work.

How to transfer maps video tutorial:

How to Transfer Maps to Xbox One:

  • On your xbox 360 and on minecraft
  • Locate the save you want to transfer ( if you have downloaded a map, first you will need to install it onto your console [Click here to learn how])
  • Click Y on the world to “upload save for xbox one”
  • Click Upload save
    • Please note you can only do ONE save at a time
  • Go onto your xbox one console
  • Launch Minecraft
  • Go to play a map but before that click “x to retrive xbox 360┬ásaves”
  • Click Ok, and the world should now be playable!


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